Wellness CORE Grain-Free Simply Shreds | Real Meat Dry Dog Food Mixers sure to Bring on Some Tail Wags!

Wellness is a well-known brand of pet food, and I believe that most of us are familiar with the company’s name. When I was hunting for a fantastic topping or dog food mixer to share with you today, I found these and thought I’d tell you about them. They provide a wonderful topping for dog food that is prepared from delectable, healthy, whole foods; it is the kind of thing that we can feel good about giving to our beloved members of the family.

I was looking for grain-free toppers, pet meals, and treats when I came across the Wellness CORE range of products. Simply Shreds is the name of one of the products that can be found in this CORE range. I don’t want to offend anybody by saying this, but they really seem very tasty! They are prepared with either meat or fish, as well as vegetable stock and chopped veggies. Simba is excited to provide you some information on these dry dog food mixers (toppers) today.

Wellness CORE

The Wellness CORE brand offers a grain-free and protein-packed product range for cats and dogs that includes a variety of feeds, toppings, mixers, and treats. To ensure that the foods we provide for our pets are as nutrient-dense as possible, every item in the CORE line contains a significant amount of protein and is thoughtfully combined with a variety of other high-quality, natural ingredients. In addition, these foods do not contain any fillers that are superfluous or pointless.

“Wellness CORE® is a line of grain-free, natural pet food, snacks, and toppings that are high on protein and taste. Its roots are in the concept that dogs appreciate and thrive on substantial animal proteins,” the company explains on its website. – The Website WellnessPetFoods.com

Simply Shreds

CORE Simply Shreds are a member of the CORE family of products and may be used either as a topping or a mixer. Simply Shreds are prepared with just five natural, whole-food components for each of their flavor recipes. These ingredients include premium shredded beef and diced vegetables of the highest quality.

Simply Shreds are available in the following four flavor combinations:

  • Chicken, beef & carrots
  • Chicken, wild salmon & pumpkin
  • Chicken, chicken liver & broccoli
  • Tuna, beef & carrots

Simply Shreds are not meant to replace a complete meal for your dog and should not be treated as such. They are meant to be given on top of or mixed in with the usual food that your dog already eats.

Taking a Look at the Ingredients

Because there are only five ingredients required for each dish, it will not be difficult to list each one of them for you here.

  • Chicken, beef, and carrots: chicken, chicken broth, and an enough amount of water for processing, beef, and carrots
  • Chicken, wild salmon, and pumpkin: Chicken, chicken broth, and enough water for the processing necessary, fish, and pumpkin.
  • Chicken, chicken liver, and broccoli: Chicken, chicken broth, and enough water for the processing needed, chicken liver, and broccoli
  • Tuna, beef & carrots: Beef, carrots, fish broth, tuna, and an amount of water that is enough for processing

Ingredients that are not too complicated, natural, and beneficial to one’s health.

Simply Shreds do NOT include the following:

  • meat by-products
  • artificial colors or flavors
  • preservatives
  • wheat, corn, or soy

Appearance and Texture

The pouches have a significant quantity of flavorful soup within each one. Pieces of flaked fish or shredded chicken may be seen strewn around in the liquid that makes up the soup (depending of course on the chosen recipe). They have the appearance of chicken soup that has been completely stuffed with meat but does not include any noodles.

This image comes from WellnessPetFood.com and demonstrates the look as well as the consistency of one of the Simply Shreds recipes.

Calorie Content

Again, the number of calories included in one of these delectable little pouches of protein-rich deliciousness ranges from just 40 to 48, depending on the recipe. This makes perfect sense given that the only ingredients in them are a protein-rich meat, some broth, water, and a vegetable.

What Do People Think

On Chewy.com, each flavor recipe has received a rating of either 4.2 or 4.3 stars out of a possible 5.

The average rating on Amazon is 4.4 stars out of 5.

Size, Price, and Availability

The Simply Shreds are only available in 2.8-ounce pouches, and the only way to buy them is in a case that comprises 12 individual pouches. You will not be able to buy the pouches separately as individual items.

Pros and Cons


  • Dogs love it!
  • Quality ingredients


  • Pouch hard to open
  • Have to scrape the meat out from inside the pouch
  • Price
  • Too much broth, not enough meat

Tasty Ending

These meaty and brothy packets are a delectable way to increase the amount of protein and hydration that your dog consumes. They are manufactured using only high-quality, healthy ingredients and have a very low calorie count due to their preparation.

The Wellness CORE grain-free real meat pet food toppers are an excellent supplement to the meal that your dog already eats on a daily basis. The occasional addition of that meaty delight may transform that boring kibble into something really extraordinary for your pet.

Have you tried any of these? Tell us what your canine companion thinks of them, would you?

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