Treat-Dispensing Ball Dog Toy For Aggressive Chewers

Review of the Dog Treat Dispensing Ball by Starmark, a Dog Toy That Can Dispense Treats

Since the title of this site is The Best Dog Treats, I concentrate much of my writing on the subject of dog treats. However, in addition to treats, there is a vast assortment of other beautiful products on the market for canines (although Simba might disagree with me on that one). And anyway, goodies don’t need to be limited to simply being edible, right? 

When we do something pleasant for ourselves, such as treating ourselves to something enjoyable, something extra and exceptional, or anything else, we are treating ourselves. So, I’m going to speak about something delightful for canine companions.

If you are anything like me, you probably have a variety of tasty snacks on hand for your canine companion. Putting the goodies inside of a dog treat distributing ball is a beautiful method to offer them to them and keep them entertained for a while at the same time. 

There are quite a few excellent brands available, but the one I want to discuss with you today is the Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew ball. I know there are other fantastic brands out there.

About the Chew ball

This chew ball is not only comfortable to use but also very long-lasting. I’ve seen several other toys on the market that dispense treats, some of which are sturdy rubber. My golden retrievers have never shown much interest in the tough toys, and I’m not sure why. 

My golden retriever has a very delicate jaw, which means that she does not often hold on with a lot of force, and as a result, she generally enjoys gentler treats distributing chew balls.

Even though this ball is very tough to damage, there is no such thing as an indestructible object. Certain dogs are likely to be exceptionally concentrated and tough chewers, so a more challenging treat-dispensing toy may be the preferred option.

Why a Treat Dispensing Toy?

Toys that dispense treats may be helpful in various contexts and settings.

To slow down eating

Some dogs tend to eat very quickly, and you should teach them to eat more slowly. The first golden retriever I had could wolf down food in approximately ten seconds. 

Using a treat ball with part or all of the kibble a dog will eat for their dinner lets the dog work at getting the food out of the ball. The act of eating is significantly slowed down as a result of this.

Slowing down the feeding process increases the wellness of your dog. Eating too quickly may lead to bloat, a condition in which a dog’s stomach becomes distended with air, food, or fluid, resulting in pressure on the dog’s other organs. 

Even worse, it may produce gastric dilation-volvulus, a disease in which the stomach bends or distorts, and this condition may result in death.

To keep them busy

If you put some of your dog’s favorite goodies inside the chew ball, you may minimize the destructive behaviors caused by boredom and keep your dog occupied simultaneously. 

Your dog’s intellect is kept active, increasing its ability to solve problems if they are required to figure out how to get the goodies out of the ball.

My previous golden Lulu got the hang of this treat ball right away, but Simba has a much softer mouth than her predecessor; thus, it takes her a little longer to pull the goodies out. 

If you stuff it with the kibble that your dog eats for supper, it will make the eating process go more slowly and likely keep them occupied for a considerable amount of time!

The kibble or treats you put inside should not be too little, or they will come loose immediately whenever your dog rolls the ball if they are too small.

Other Benefits

This dog toy that dispenses treats is impressive in many other respects as well, including the following:

  • Free of latex and vinyl, both of which can cause severe allergic reactions.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Hold nearly any hard or soft dog treat or jerky (break them into small enough pieces to get through the whole).
  • The size of the opening in the ball can be adjusted easily using a scissor.
  • comes in three diameters –
    • Medium is 2.75 inches, recommended for dogs under 15 pounds
    • Medium/Large is 3.5 inches, recommended for dogs under 40 pounds
    • Large is 4 inches, recommended for dogs over 40 pounds

Specialized Interlocking Treats

To provide your dog with an even more taxing and engaging chewing experience, you can also utilize the treat dispensing to balls with Starmark interlocking treats.

Treat Fun

This treat-distributing dog toy may surely keep your canine companion occupied for some time; however, how long that is will depend on how well your dog has mastered the ball and the quantity of the reward placed within the chew ball.

Although it won’t keep them occupied for as long as something like a bully stick would, attempting to find out how to get the rewards out will undoubtedly get their minds working. You have to keep your mind working!

It is simple to reload and clean in the dishwasher (A friendly alternative to handwashing a dog-slobbered treat ball).

Therefore, if you are searching for a toy that can dispense treats while also being sturdy, we highly suggest giving this one a try for your dog!

Please keep us updated if you succeed! We are interested in your feedback about this matter.

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