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Today, we are broadening both our mental and physical horizons. Not only is this website devoted to treats, treat toys, and conversing about issues and trends associated with dogs, but we are also going to discuss dog food toppers. These pet food toppers seem so mouthwateringly delicious that I can hardly contain my excitement about this development!

In this first article regarding dog food toppers, we are going to begin by discussing The Honest Kitchen’s Proper Toppers.

What Are Pet Food Toppers?

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re doing your pet a disservice by giving them the same food day in and day out, morning and night? I mean, there is a wide selection of meals available to us! Why is it that our dog is the only one who can’t have variety? Toppers provide us with the opportunity to do this for our pets.

To spice up the monotony of plain old kibble, try sprinkling some dog food topper on top of it before serving it to your pet. The toppers from Honest Kitchen are clusters of crunchy delight that are manufactured from materials safe for human consumption and are filled with genuine animal proteins.

The Honest Kitchen

It was just by coincidence that I discovered this firm, but I couldn’t be more grateful that I did! When you go through their website and learn about their philosophy, how they create their pet meals, and the excellent ingredients they utilize, you can’t help but feel that the pet food business has been given a second chance.

Their website makes the claim, “Honest is more than a word in our name – it’s who we are and what we try to be,” and it provides a wealth of evidence that substantiates the veracity of that assertion.

Human Grade Requirements

In order for a company to legitimately claim that their pet meals, treats, toppers, or other products are of human-grade quality, the company must observe and abide by a number of rules and regulations.

According to the Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), in order for the label of a pet food to lawfully claim that it is human-grade, each and every ingredient used in the pet food must be suitable for human consumption, and the product must be manufactured in a licensed human facility that satisfies good manufacturing practices (GMP) for the production of human food. In addition, the pet food must be made in a facility that meets good manufacturing practices (GMP) for the production of pet food.

In addition, the storage, handling, processing, and transportation of each component as well as the finished product must be done in a manner that “is consistent and complies with standards for current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) for human consumable foods as stated in 21 CFR 117.

The Honest Kitchen’s Human-Grade Claim

The Honest Kitchen asserts that its dishes are suitable for human consumption. This implies that each and every element that is utilized in their goods must be safe for ingestion by humans. Their website boasts that their products are “100 percent human-grade.” This ensures that all of the components that go into the making of their goods are of a standard suitable for human consumption (but keep in mind this is still dog food and not intended for human consumption).

Ingredient Sources

The Honest Kitchen makes it quite clear on their website that they will never choose a provider that they do not have complete faith in. They expect all vendors to give the following information:

  • proof of food origin
  • screening
  • handling
  • cleaning
  • and more

Since 2002, they have maintained relationships with a number of its suppliers.


Additionally intriguing is the assertion made by The Honest Kitchen that they make their dog food items simultaneously with their human food offerings. It’s safe to presume that this refers to the same kitchen! They say that their kitchens are seven times cleaner than feed-grade facilities, which is a claim that is backed up by frequent FDA inspections of their establishments.

On their website, under the category titled “The Honest Difference,” you can discover information on their Kitchen Standards and Quality Assurance Program.

Feed-grade Versus Human-Grade

In case you were curious about it, the answer is yes, there are components of feed-grade quality that are not intended for human consumption that are used in the production of pet meals and treats by many different pet food producers. This high-quality meal intended for animals may include some unsavory components. From the website, here is a comparison of components that are suitable for human consumption against those that are suitable for animal feed.

Proper Toppers

The Sincere Cooking Area Dehydrated components are used in the preparation of Proper Toppers as well as the company’s other goods. They believe that the food’s nutrients are better preserved via this procedure, making it a better option for your dog.

There are four different recipes available for the Proper Toppers: chicken, turkey, beef, and fish.

Taking a cursory glance at the components of the beef dish, we can see that it is packed with dried real foods, includes a significant amount of additional vitamins and minerals, and comprises eighty percent beef that was reared on a ranch. The top six components are as follows:

  • dehydrated beef
  • dehydrated egg
  • dehydrated pumpkin
  • dried apple
  • dehydrated chard
  • dried blueberries

The chicken and turkey recipes both use free-range chicken or turkey in a proportion of 90 percent, while the fish dish uses wild-caught fish in a proportion of 85 percent. The remaining primary components are all dried or dehydrated versions of genuine meals!


When adding the Proper Toppers as an additional topping to your dog’s kibble, the instructions on the container suggest using 2 tablespoons for every 20 pounds of your dog’s bodyweight. Because there are 47 calories in each tablespoon, you will need to reduce the quantity of kibble that you give your pet in order to compensate for the added calories.

The label for Proper Toppers even suggests that you may consume this product in its whole as a meal! On the back of the packaging is a chart that details the appropriate feeding quantities to use for this purpose. Before serving, it is recommended to lightly moisten the Proper Toppers with warm water, as directed (this product will not swell up with the addition of water).

Great delights may also be made out of proper toppers!

Other Cool Ingredient Facts

The Honest Kitchen is a business that operates entirely inside the United States, where it also processes all of its ingredients. They do not utilize any components or proteins that have been genetically modified or any foods that have been supplied from China. There are no preservatives or additives of any kind, including hormones and antibiotics, in any of the components.

Perks on Their Website

When I was looking around, I discovered that if you buy straight from them, you are entitled to some really wonderful bonuses.

  1. When you spend more than $49, shipping is on the house.
  2. When you sign up for their email, you will get a coupon for $5 off your subsequent purchase.
  3. If you are interested in purchasing their dishes, you can get a starting meal box that weighs two pounds so that you may test out their cuisine without having to commit to buying a bigger amount.

The addition of a pet food topper might be just what you and your dog are searching for if you want to offer your dog a little bit of variety but don’t want to fully modify your dog’s kibble!

Give these Proper Toppers a go, and then report back to me and Simba with your thoughts on how well they work for both you and your dog. I’ll be waiting with bated breath for your response.

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