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As I am ready to write this review on a treat, my devoted Golden Retriever, Simba, is sitting right here by my side. At this moment, I’m not quite certain if the urge to be near is motivated by loyalty or, more likely, by the want to take one of the sweets out of this bag. It’s a good thing I have someone who is willing to test the taste!

The freeze-dried raw Carnivore Crunch from Stella & Chewy was featured prominently in a piece that I wrote some time ago on the top 9 dog training treats, and you can see that post here. In order to provide you with as much information as possible on the firm and the carnivore crunch snacks, we are going to do a more in-depth analysis of both of them today.

The Company

Stella & Chewy’s is a company with its headquarters in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. It was established as a result of the owner’s passion for her dog and her determination to do what was best for his health. Marie Moody took in a dog that was in severe need of a caring home for the rest of its life. Marie acquired Chewy at an animal shelter, and despite his illness and destructive tendencies, he was a very lovely dog. She discovered that her recently acquired dog, Chewy, was suffering from distemper after taking him to the veterinary shortly after bringing him home. Chewy should be fed raw meat, according to the recommendation of her veterinarian.

Chewy’s health improved dramatically once he switched to a raw food diet, and he was able to get well. After seeing the remarkable changes in a dog’s health that might be brought about by switching to a raw food diet, Marie was resolved to do all in her power to popularize this kind of diet so that other people’s dogs may also reap its benefits.

Stella & Chewy’s began life as a result of these events.

Believe in Raw

Stella & Chewy’s is of the opinion that include any quantity of high-quality raw food in a dog’s diet will result in a significant and beneficial effect, regardless of how much raw food is included in the diet overall. When Marie started feeding her own dogs a raw diet in 2003, she was motivated to produce and introduce treats and dog meals to the market that were just as wonderful as the raw dog foods that she prepared at home because she observed the success that the raw diet brought to her own dogs.

Big Focus on Product Safety

I want to draw your attention to a pretty neat feature that can be found on the Stella & Chewy website. You are able to see the results of any product safety tests conducted on the food or treats that you have bought.

On the website, there is a little purple box that reads “check your product safety” and has a space for you to input a lot number. You can find this box in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Each tin of food or bag of candies has a lot number that is printed on it. Even though the lot number on our bag of duck Carnivore Crunch was very difficult to see because it was so tiny, and even though half of it was covered by a sticker that said “Best By,” you may still put that lot number in the product safety box if you are able to read it. This will take you to a PDF that contains the findings of the product safety testing done on the precise batch of food or treats that you purchased.

That is really interesting that you can see the actual results of the official testing done on the food that you are holding in your hands. The outcomes of the tests conducted on the carnivore crunch snacks that we bought are shown below.

How It’s Made

The Stella and Chewy facility in Wisconsin, which is located in the United States, is responsible for the production of all of the company’s foods and treats. They believe that this enables them to ensure that the snacks and meals are of the finest quality that is achievable given the circumstances.

They will only employ animal proteins that have been ethically procured from farmers and ranchers who they are familiar with and trust. These are the animals:

  • grass-fed
  • cage-free
  • wild-caught
  • farm-raised
  • and have no added hormones or antibiotics

Both the beef and the poultry that go into making Carnivore Crunch come from the United States of America. New Zealand and Australia also contribute to the supply of meat for this product.

There is not a single element that originates from China.

Now to the Treats

The recipes for Carnivore Crunch snacks include beef, chicken, duck, and turkey as possible protein sources. Each recipe for carnivore crunch has 98 percent meat, organs, and pulverized bone as the primary ingredients. The remaining two percent is comprised of fenugreek seed, pumpkin seed, and tocopherols.

Tocopherols are a kind of natural preservative that are used in order to maintain the treats’ viability. They are a natural supply of vitamin E and act as an antioxidant.

As was said before, all of the beef comes from grass-fed cattle, and all of the poultry comes from cage-free or wild-caught sources.

  • NO added antibiotics
  • NO added hormones
  • NO gluten
  • NO grains

These sweets have many wonderful qualities, and one of them is that each one has just three calories. If you do decide to use them as training treats, you will be able to provide more of them without having to worry about a significant influence on your dog’s total calorie intake (although this does not mean that you should feed the whole bag or anything like that!)

What are they Like?

The sweets known as Carnivore Crunch have a texture that is a little bit unusual. When I first took them out of the bag, I was reluctant to hold onto them too tightly because I worried they could break apart. If you handle them carefully, they will maintain their original form; but, if you squeeze them too much, they will begin to disintegrate.

They are a chewy snack that can be readily cut up into smaller pieces if required, as opposed to being crunchy. If you have a tiny dog, this could be the perfect solution for you.

If you do want to use them as rewards for training, I would advise against placing them in a treat bag since I’m rather certain that the pouch would cause them to disintegrate extremely quickly. Because I use a wheelchair, I keep Simba’s training treats and other goodies on my lap in a small bowl, and the Carnivore Crunch maintains its form quite well while stored in this manner, along with the other treats.

How do They go Down?

Very fast and with very little effort! These are some of Simba’s favorite snacks. I have to confess that one of our cats enjoys eating them just as much as we do! I placed one of the duck recipe pieces on the floor for Simba to pick up, but one of our cats had already gotten to it before I could tell Simba she could go get it.


Overall, they are a wonderful snack filled with natural, healthful, and nourishing raw ingredients, and both Simba and I really like eating them (for different reasons of course). Simba enjoys the flavor, and I like the fact that they are really fresh, the results of any product safety testing can be seen online, they are created from high-quality proteins and do not include any needless fillers, and they have an extremely low calorie count.

The consistency of these sweets is the main drawback to eating them, unless you wish to crumble them up and include them into a meal. In order to prevent the treats from becoming unusable due to crumbling, you must be cautious about where you keep them if you want to use them for training purposes.

The fact that Amazon Prime entitles me to free shipping makes shopping there one of my favorite things to do. If you are interested in giving a bag or two of the Carnivore Crunch snacks a try, you may go to Amazon by clicking on the bag of treats.

Happy munching!

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