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Simba informed me tonight that it was time to go back to work and write about some delicious delicacies. It’s the middle of June, and we haven’t talked about the goodies she selected from in exchange for being a part of their Influencer Program. is kind enough to provide Simba with the goodies she enjoys at no cost in return for our candid feedback and evaluation. Since Simba is eager, let’s get this show on the road.

Simba selected some salmon jerky dog treats by Nulo and some Sizzlers dog treats by Blue Buffalo for this month’s order. Today, we are just going to discuss one of the goodies that Simba picked out: the recipe for the Nulo freestyle grain-free jerky strips salmon.

Funny Story

When these goodies arrived, I placed them on the table next to my computer. The following day, I found the bag lying on the ground about halfway across the room. Mysterious.

I scooped them up and placed them back on the table where they had been initially, but when we checked on them the following day, they had moved to the floor again. After giving the bag a more thorough inspection, I saw that it had several what seemed to be very minute holes all over it.

We soon realized our cats were eager to get their paws on the goodies they were attempting to gnaw through the bag! They will have to sample these salmon jerky strips if I have any say in the matter.

Nulo’s Beginnings

Michael Landa established Nulo in 2010 after seeing how overweight his dogs were becoming. At the time, he was working at The Pet Staff, his pet care firm in Los Angeles, and he was astounded by the growing number of obese and diabetic canine companions. 

The Pet Staff conducted research in which they questioned over 6000 homes about the food they gave their dogs and concluded that improper nutrition was the primary factor. The animals ate an excessive amount of food, most of it of poor quality.

In the Community

Nulo Pet Food’s headquarters are located in the United States, in the great city of Austin, Texas. According to the information on their website, Nulo looks to be quite involved in the community by assisting pet-related groups, events, and people actively working to advance the cause of pet nutrition. 

Additionally, they work with organizations and shelters located all around the country to provide contributions whenever they can.

Nulo’s Food

Nulo takes great pleasure in the fact that it does not use any shortcuts in producing its snacks and treats and instead uses only natural ingredients of the highest possible quality. 

They produce and distribute their goods in tiny quantities to provide their consumers with the most recent and delectable delicacies and confections they can get their hands on. 

Nulo’s “items will always be the freshest recipes you’ll ever discover on the shop shelf or to come at your door,” according to the company’s mission.

Nulo foods are produced in FDA-approved facilities. The dry food cooking facilities owned and operated by them are subject to yearly inspections by the American Institute of Baking (AIB), which awards them a rating of “superior” each time. 

The AIB provides several distinct Standards for Inspection, each tailored to the particular business sector evaluated. Even though Nulo did not identify which Standards for Inspection were used by AIB when they examined their cooking facility, a ” superior ” grade is the highest possible score!

Nulo Freestyle

These dishes and sweets are what we call Nulo Freestyle:

  • grain-free
  • free of corn, tapioca, wheat, and white potatoes
  • protein-rich with at least the first three ingredients being animal-sourced proteins
  • made with low glycemic and low-carb ingredients to provide stable energy levels
  • made with their patented BC30 probiotic for immune and digestive health

On their website, you’ll discover each recipe, a description of the ingredients, the number of calories in the dish, and a confirmed analysis. The epitome of openness and honesty!

Freestyle Jerky Strips

The Nulo Freestyle jerky strips are available in five different recipes, which are as follows:

  • beef with coconut
  • duck with plums
  • chicken with apples
  • salmon with strawberries, and
  • turkey with cranberries

I’ve just recounted a week’s worth of supper for my family! Because Simba expressed interest in preparing the salmon dish, we decided to make it our influencer option for this month.

Ingredient List

These Salmon Jerky Strips are 92 percent salmon from Chile and 3 percent strawberries, which sounds delicious!

Salmon, strawberries, coconut glycerin, distilled vinegar, citric acid, dried Bacillus coagulans fermentation product, and mixed tocopherols are all relatively short and straightforward ingredients for the salmon jerky strips. 

Other ingredients include mixed tocopherols and dried Bacillus coagulans fermentation products. The following provides explanations of a few of the components that may be unfamiliar to readers:

Glycerin is a fatty molecule often used as a sweetener and a binder. Coconut glycerin is an example of this. Coconut was the source of the glycerin used to produce these tasty delicacies.

Natural preservation sometimes involves using citric acid, an organic, weak acid found in citrus fruits.

The dried fermentation product of Bacillus coagulans is used as a probiotic. Bacillus coagulans is a helpful bacterium that helps with digestion.

Mixed tocopherols are a natural vitamin E preservative that poses no health risks.

Calorie Content and Guaranteed Analysis

There are 26 calories in each strip of salmon jerky that is four inches long. Break or chop them into smaller pieces, or you can eat the whole thing as a fantastic, healthy, and delectable snack. 

One jerky strip cuts easily into twelve to sixteen smaller pieces, making these treats an ideal snack for medium-sized or smaller dogs and for training.

Even though they are to be provided occasionally, I still prefer to offer the assured analysis to benefit those who, like myself, have an insatiable curiosity to learn more.

Guaranteed Investigation

  • Crude protein 45% minimum
  • Crude Fat 15% minimum
  • Crude fiber 2% maximum
  • Moisture 28% maximum
  • Bacillus coagulans 175,000 CFU/g minimum

Reviews and Price

The availability of salmon jerky strips at retail establishments seems to be relatively recent. only has five reviews; however, those reviews have received 4.6 out of 5 stars, and all five reviewers have said they would suggest these treats to others.

In addition, Salmon Jerky Strips may be purchased from Amazon, where customers virtually unanimously give them a rating of 5 stars for quality and flavor.

There is no difference in cost regardless of the store from which you purchase.

Many Nulo Freestyle products can be found on both Amazon and, and their prices vary from $9.99 to $12.99.

If you are a Prime member at Amazon, you are eligible for free delivery, and if you spend $49 or more at Chewy, you will also get free shipping.

These Amazing Jerky Treats

It is essential to remember that these are made almost entirely from salmon (or another single-ingredient animal protein), which is not an inexpensive commodity. Even though the price may put off some individuals for such a small bag, it is important to consider this.

These jerky strips are prepared from components that are not only fresh but also nutritional and beneficial for your pet. They are well worth the money, in my opinion.

Leave a comment below telling us what your dog thinks of these incredible salmon jerky strips so that we can find out what they think! 

We are always interested in hearing your feedback, so do let us know what you think if you try any of the other varieties.

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