Rachael Ray Moist Turkey Burger Dog Treats!

Rachael Ray’s Healthy Dog Biscuits! Delicious Turkey Burger Bites Made with Real Turkey! Nutritious!

It is now summer, which means it is time to start cooking burgers. The sun is shining brightly, the grass is lush, and the barbecue is all set up and ready to go. Why should our dogs lose out on the delicious flavors of summer when we can provide them to them? If you have any Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Burger Bites on hand, there’s no need for them to! These tasty morsels are created with genuine meat and do not include any derivatives or by-products of meat in any way.

Today, Simba and I will be putting a brand-new bag of Rachael Ray’s Turkey Burger Bites through their paces as a taste test and evaluation for you. Because the turkey recipe Burger Bites are still relatively fresh on the market, we have decided to investigate them.

What Makes Them Special

These incredibly chewy small turkey Burger Bites have a number of great qualities that set them apart from other foods. Let’s go right down to the meat of the matter.


The turkey used in these turkey burger bits comes from farms in the United States, making it the most important component. These turkey Burger Bites have the following ingredients listed in their full list:

  • Turkey
  • Dried potatoes
  • Chickpeas
  • Sugar
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Salt
  • Lecithin derived from sunflower
  • Sorbic acid (natural preservative)
  • Natural smoke flavor
  • Caramel color
  • This acid is citric (natural preservative)
  • Tocopherols in a mixed form (natural preservative)
  • Extract of fresh rosemary

On the website of Nutrish, there is a tool that allows users to do an ingredient search, so if you are interested in discovering the function of any of these components, you will have the opportunity to do so. The phrase “knowledge is power”

Turkey is an ingredient that is used less often in dog meals and treats, so if your dog has food sensitivities, turkey-based diets and treats may be less likely to bring on an attack.

Source of Ingredients

Ingredients Never derived from China, Nutrish products never contain Chinese ingredients in any of their formulations. It’s not that the items that come from China aren’t any good, but there have been reports in the past that pet meals and treats include substances that come from China that are of a lower grade. As a result, many individuals have developed an intolerance for pet supplies that include components originating in China.

Both the turkey and beef Burger Bite recipes call for meat that was farmed on farms in the United States as their primary component.

The ingredients are supplied from inside the United States, and the goodies themselves are baked within the same country.

Appearance & Texture

I’m just going to come right out and say it: one of the other reasons why these Burger Bites are so remarkable is because they’re so dang adorable. I’m not going to beat around the bush with this one. They have the appearance of little turkey burgers and even have the grill marks on them (but then again, what else would you expect from a world-renowned chef? The burgers have to look correct!) To be fair, the grill lines are more of a decorative element. The fact that the treats have grill lines makes them seem more appetizing to humans, but it doesn’t matter to the dogs in the least.

These burger pieces are really tender and delicious! Because of their consistency, they will be quite simple to cut up into more manageable pieces, whether for use in training or for feeding smaller dogs. It is my opinion that the incredibly soft consistency of these treats will make it simpler for canines with dental issues or with a limited number of teeth to consume them.

Helping Shelter Animals

Not only are the confections unique and delicious, but Rachael Ray has developed her company into something very exceptional. The Rachael Ray Foundation, which provides assistance to animal shelters, receives a donation of a part of the revenues from the sale of each product manufactured by Nutrish. The Rachael Ray Foundation has contributed more than $27 million to various animal charities and groups that work to improve the lives of animals as of March 2018.

Nutrish-tional Information

About 21 calories may be found in each individual turkey burger mouthful. Due to the somewhat sizable nature of these confections, one might anticipate a higher total calorie count. Be mindful of the number of people you are feeding since the additional calories may add up very quickly.

  • Crude protein minimum – 13 %
  • Crude fat minimum – 11 %
  • Crude fiber maximum – 3 %
  • Moisture limit – 25 %

Deals, Coupons, Discounts!

Visit Rachael Ray’s website , you will be able to discover a lot of coupons for Rachael Ray Nutrish that will help you save money! You have your choice from the following list of available coupon alternatives. You will first be asked to provide personal information such as your name, address, email address, and other details, after which you will be taken to printable coupons. Nice discounts!

Size, Cost and Where to Buy Them

You have the option of purchasing Burger Bites in either a 3-ounce bag or a 12-ounce bag, and either the turkey or beef taste.

It would seem that you are able to place an order directly via the Rachael Ray website; but, when you click the button to do so, you are sent to the website of another retailer, such as Walmart or Chewy.com.

According to the official website for Nutrish, the products may be purchased online from retailers like Amazon, Chewy, Jet, PetSmart, Target, and Walmart.

Final Verdict

When I offered Simba the bag to hold for the shot, she was more interested in attempting to gnaw open the bag than she was in sitting still for the photo. Simba ate every last morsel of these delicious delights! You should’ve seen the joy that was on her face when she heard that!

Because she began growling at me, I may assume that after around ten minutes she reached the conclusion that she need further stimulation. Manners don’t often become that bad until she REALLY wants what I have, but she wants it so much that it’s becoming embarrassing.

Tell us what your canine companion thinks of the Rachael Ray Nutrish Grain-Free Turkey Burger Bites in the comments section below. Do you think your canine companion loves them as much as Simba does?

Happy barbecuing!

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