Ridiculously Quick And Easy Homemade Frozen Dog Treats Recipe!

I’ve been meaning to write an article on how easy it is to make frozen treats for your dog at home, but summer seems to have flown by far too fast. Even though we are getting closer and closer to the middle of August, I still haven’t released my recipe for a frozen quick homemade dog treat that only requires one ingredient (or two if you include water as one of the ingredients).

If you have read any of my past postings relating to the preparation of homemade dog treats (Homemade No Bake Dog Treats & Amazing Homemade Dog Training Treats), you are aware that I like recipes that are straightforward and do not call for an excessive number of components. I don’t care what you call me; call me lazy. I take pleasure in preparing homemade snacks for Simba, but it seems bizarre to invest a ton of labor and several components into a little treat that Simba may not even chew more than twice before swallowing it.

The purpose of creating tasty treats for your dog is, of course, to give them something they’ll look forward to eating. It is not necessary to use five or ten different ingredients, specialized cookie cutters, or a whole day for this. It involves determining what it is that your dog enjoys doing and then creating rewards out of those activities. The following recipe is about as straightforward as it can get, and Simba devours them in record time.

Creation of the Recipe

On the internet, you’ll discover a number of different recipes for frozen dog treats that are extremely great. I have examined a good number of them. When I was on the verge of giving some of them a try, I came to a few realizations:

  • I was trying to save money, so I decided not to buy those adorable tiny freezer trays.
  • A substantial number of the freezing trays are used to produce bite-sized frozen snacks. Because Simba is a large dog, it is possible that she will try to nibble on these frozen treats. Who wants to chew on something that’s been frozen? Brain freeze!
  • The majority of the recipes ask for yogurt, but I didn’t have any on hand at the time, so I decided to use water instead of yogurt as the liquid component.
  • I wanted to come up with a frozen treat that Simba could lick rather than chew, so I went ahead and did that.
  • I wanted there to be a maximum of three components, with less being preferable.

Choosing the Liquid Ingredient

These frozen snacks for dogs are made with two different components.

As I indicated earlier, a significant number of ideas for frozen dog treats call for yogurt. Yogurt is a great meal for dogs, and Simba really gets a little bit of it every day. However, while I was making these very easy summer dog treats, I elected to use water instead of yogurt. There are three reasons why I did this:

  1. At that moment in time, I did not own any yogurt.
  2. When Simba is working on anything that she can’t quickly guzzle down in a few chews, she prefers to lay down and complete her job. This indicates that everything I create for her will be shown directly in front of her, where it will go all over her hair (chest fur). Because I could see quite a mess developing on her fur, I decided against cleaning it up.
  3. Everyone should drink plenty of water.

You should most definitely utilize yogurt since it is a wonderful provider of calcium and other minerals. There is also the option of using bone broth, which is not only an excellent source of nutrients but also has certain curative qualities. On this page, you’ll find some information regarding the advantages of drinking bone broth.

The Second Food Ingredient

As the second component, I intended to make use of some natural, fresh, and healthful fruits or vegetables. The only thing I did was think about which fruits and veggies Simba loved the most and which of those I already had in the refrigerator at the time.

Apples, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower are some of her favorite fruits and vegetables. She also like apples. Peanut butter is another one of her favorite foods.

We decided on making a frozen dessert that consisted of broccoli, an apple, peanut butter, and carrots. Read on to find out what she thinks of them in the next section of this piece!

What to Make Them in

You may create goodies in the form of paw prints, dog bones, or small hearts by using one of the several adorably adorable candy molds that are available for purchase. I really like these and was about to buy some, but then I recalled that I wanted to get Simba something that he could lick in addition to chewing on, so I decided against it.

I did some searching on Amazon and came across a mold that creates sare ice cubes that are 2 and a half inches in size. Now we’re chatting!

If your dog enjoys chasing after rolling balls, I also discovered molds for spheres of ice that are 2 1/2 inches in diameter. You could create an ice ball treat for your dog to lick and chase around (I wouldn’t recommend throwing it since I’m sure it would break their teeth, but rolling it around may be fun).

You might even use something like a plastic container from Cool Whip or ice cream to produce a giant frozen blended treat for your dog, especially if they are a voracious chewer or if you have a really large dog.

Making the Treat Cubes

Since the cube tray has four slots, we experimented with four different kinds of fruits and vegetables, one for each slot.

Because I make my own smoothies and have a Nutri Ninja Professional personal blender, I was able to utilize it to make a slurry for these frozen goodies. These tiny fellows are not very costly, yet they do their functions quite well. I checked it up on Amazon, and they are now having a deal, so if you are in need of one, now would be an excellent time to swoop in and get one before the offer ends.

After placing around a half cup of carrots and approximately two thirds of a cup of water in the blender cup, I secured the blender top and mixed the ingredients for approximately 30 to 60 seconds.

After that, all we did was pour the slurry onto a single location on the freezing tray.

We carried out this procedure many times, ultimately producing a slurry made of broccoli, apple, and peanut butter. Each item was placed in its own distinct compartment inside the freezing tray.

Because we put a little bit too much in each of them, they ended up spilling over into one another. I would suggest not filling them up to the very top; leave somewhere between 1/8 and 1/4 of an inch of space.

Put the completely filled freezing tray into the cold storage until it has frozen (how many times can I say some form of the word freeze or frozen).

That sums it up well.

Simple and unadulterated.

Final Result

Because recent weather in Minnesota has included some very warm days, I decided to offer Simba one of these frozen treats as a cool respite from the heat.

We dipped the tray into some hot water and let it sit there for a few minutes in order to slightly soften them and make it simpler to remove them off the tray.


Simba made her decision swiftly and picked her fave! Butter made from peanuts! Because of how intently she was concentrating on the peanut butter frozen treat, we had to put the other three back in the freezer until another time.

Simba continued to pursue the snack all the way down the driveway until it was gone. It was a hit with her!

She went back to hunt for the other three but was obviously upset to find that they had disappeared. However, you will need to spread the deliciousness!

Give them a shot, and then report back to us with your dog’s opinion.

Tell us your experience!

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