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Primal Pork Jerky Nibs | Amazing Pork Jerky Dog Treats

Simba has convinced me to return to this topic so that I may discuss the best dog jerky of 2022. It just so happens that we have what she believes to be a delicious new treat we can do a write-up on. 

The Chewy Influencer Program connected us with these delicious morsels. Chewy.com provides us with a selection of tasty snacks each month in return for our frank feedback on their products. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved! Simba can sample new delicacies more regularly, and I will let you know what she thinks of them once she does so.

The pork nibs manufactured by Primal Pet Foods Inc. were one of the goodies that Simba picked out for May. These small pork nibs are little pieces of pork jerky that are great as a treat. 

When we got these snacks, Simba was over the moon. We showed her two separate bags of treats and asked her to choose which one of them she would want to sample first. She gave each item a couple of sniffs before taking the bag of Primal pet treats out of my mother’s hand and bringing it to me. After that, she smelled each of the other bags. She was adamant about putting them to the test first!


The list of ingredients for these chewy pork jerky nibs is one of the simplest I’ve seen in any product with more than three ingredients. Are you prepared? If so, you should hang on to your shoes. These sweets have the following ingredients:

  • heart of pork
  • honey
  • sea salt

That sums it up nicely. Jerky, made from unprocessed pork, has just one kind of protein and is very healthy.

I’m at a loss for words. It reminds me of ham if that gives you any idea. A delicious ham combines the meat’s deliciously salty flavor with the sweet honey drizzled over itβ€”the purest expression of perfection in its most basic form.

These bite-sized pieces of jerky are free of grains as well as gluten.


Made from pig hearts, they do not include any extra preservatives, their expected shelf life while sitting in the bag on the counter is much lower than the expected shelf life of a highly processed, dry treat with added preservatives.

Always give the bag a good, tight reseal once you’ve opened it. Primal recommends consuming the bag’s contents within two weeks of opening it, even if you store it in the refrigerator. If these pork nibs are opened and then allowed to sit out at room temperature without being refrigerated, Primal recommends utilizing them within three days.

When we train, I give Simba a variety of goodies, and there is no way in the world that we could use up the whole bag in 14 days. I decided to separate the servings into four distinct heaps. One serve is reserved for immediate use, while the others have been divided into individual baggies and stored in the freezer to increase their shelf life.

Guaranteed Analysis and Calories

Because they are composed entirely of meat, these snacks have an exceptionally high percentage of protein in their composition.

  • Crude protein 45 percent min
  • Crude fat 16 percent min
  • Natural fiber 1 percent max
  • Moisture 22 percent max

There is no indication on the package of how many calories are included in each individual treat. According to the website primalpetfoods.com, there are 119 calories in each ounce, which results in a total of 476 calories for the bag.

When using them for training, it is vital to constantly keep in mind the total number of treats your dog receives over a day. On days when your dog has had a significant increase in the number of treats, cut down on the quantity of their regular dog food, and prevent overfeeding.

Great as a Training Treat

These sweets are pretty little in size. The first two that I gave to Simba, she may not have realized what she was doing when she chewed and swallowed them since they were so tiny. It is such a modest reward, though, making it an excellent choice when engaging in a significant amount of exercise. 

To give you an idea of the size of the nibs, I’ve included a picture.

It’s typical for a dog to receive rewards while training. It’s essential to control the types of treats given and the sizes, as eating a lot of them might add up to a lot of calories. 

These teeny-tiny nibs are a fantastic option for exercise because of the low number of calories they contain. You could split the small guys right down the middle if you wanted to.

Wash Your Hands!

It is usually a good idea to wash your hands after handling any treats or meals that are manufactured from animals, especially if you have any concerns about possible contamination.

Great for Friends

However, even though these tasty morsels seem to be marketed primarily as dog treats, cats may benefit significantly from eating them. Because of their bite-size and chewy consistency, these treats are ideal for the feline companions of your dog. Or simply for your cat if you don’t have a dog. 

I have four cats here in the house, and I’m going to give them some of these tasty morsels to see what they think of them.

The newest member of our feline family, Oreo, volunteered to test out the treats. It took her an eternity to figure it out, but once she did, she wolfed down one of them. I offered her another one, but she didn’t seem enthusiastic about getting seconds. Because all the other cats are now dozing out, we cannot test it out on any other of them right now.

About the Meat

Pork grown in the United States and given a vegetarian diet is used in the production of the primal pork jerky nibs. The meat is of USDA edible-grade quality, which means it’s not prepared from lower-grade meat intended for pets. The pork is processed and inspected for cleanliness and safety under the USDA’s stringent criteria.

The goodies’ delicious taste and satisfying texture result from cooking them at a low temperature for a long time.

Organ meat from a pig is:

  • high-protein
  • low in saturated fat
  • rich in the trace mineral selenium
  • rich in niacin (B vitamin)
  • rich in vitamin B6
  • rich in iron
  • a natural source of bioavailable glucosamine and chondroitin, and calcium

The Primitive Corporation

In the early 2000s, Matt Koss established Primal after formulating a raw diet for his dog Luna, exhibiting early indications of renal failure. After moving to his specially made Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet, Luna saw a significant improvement in his quality of life and overall health. 

Because Matt wanted everyone’s dogs to have a chance at a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life, he was motivated to bring this particular diet to market and make it accessible to everyone.

Primal takes great satisfaction in the fact that it can provide you with raw meals and snacks of the best possible quality. They only work with vendors that humanely raise, sustainably grow and responsibly process all of the proteins, organic fruits and vegetables, and unrefined food-based vitamins and minerals used in their products.” They get all of their ingredients from vendors with whom they have established solid, long-term relationships.

They are so pleased with the quality of the components they employ that they provide complete transparency about the origin of every item used in producing their meals and treats. You may see the ORIGIN OF THEIR INGREDIENTS explicitly documented on their website.

I must confess that it is terrific to know the precise location where each component is sourced. It provides reassurance that my dog is getting the best.

Primal’s Commitment to Quality

Primal is dedicated to delivering healthy meals and delights to its customers. Companies that produce anything that is consumed or introduced into live creatures have to adhere to stringent protocols and criteria while doing so. 

Primal achieve this goal to the greatest possible degree by:

  • adhering to Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • having a Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) program
  • segregating/separating different production lots
  • following other industry best practices

You may learn more about the various safety and quality standards that Primal upholds and observes by visiting their website at PrimalPetFoods.com. Primal also abide by these standards.

Price and Availability

These great bite-sized snacks are available on Amazon, Chewy.com, and a few other online retailers that specialize in providing supplies for dogs & pets.

It seems a bit expensive, but I don’t think it’s unfair considering how high-quality the ingredients and amount are in each bag.


There is no doubt that Simba adores these little pieces of nib pork jerky dog treats. I will certainly add these delectable morsels to the list of goodies we often buy.

  • PROS: The company is transparent about its manufacturing processes and the origin of the ingredients; the treats are great for dogs and cats and the perfect size to use as a dog training treat. The treats are made with amazingly high-quality ingredients and are also completely natural and incredibly nourishing.
  • CONS: The treats have a limited shelf life once the bag is opened. The price is a little more than that of some other treats (but is not unreasonable due to the exceptional quality of ingredients and attention to safety in manufacturing).

Simba strongly recommends that you give these delectables a try. Since neither of us can think of anything genuinely wrong to say about this delicacy or the business that makes it, we each award these primal pork jerky nibs a score of ten out of ten.

Leave a comment below telling other readers and us what your dog thinks of these Primal treats, and let other readers know what they believe.

Happy munching!

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