The Global Pet Industry Trends 2022

Don’t Miss These Trends in the Pet Industry!

We pet parents adore our pets! You don’t need me to tell you that; you’re already aware!

They are the sun, the moon, and the stars in our eyes. How we express our affection for one another has undergone significant shifts throughout history.

“The dog” isn’t just the dog! They are bona fide members of the household.

When you start treating your dog more like a part of the family, you often treat them the same way you would a person. People want to give them the same food we consume, involve them in important occasions, and take them on journeys humans want to go on, among other things.

As a result, new trends are emerging in the Pet Industry. Let’s look at some of the most important and exciting developments in the dog sector of the pet market!

Dog Walking

Dog walking is an age-old tradition; people have always taken their pets on walks. The fact that dog walking has developed into a significant industry, however, is something that is brand new.

The mundane task of walking dogs has been transformed into a multimillion-dollar industry thanks to national franchises such as

IBISWorld’s projections as of September 2017 indicated that income from dog walking services in the United States would soon exceed one billion dollars.

We dog owners think it’s excellent! We are aware that dogs need exercise, but there are times when our schedules prevent us from providing it. After logging up to or their mobile app, providing the necessary information about your dog, selecting a walk day, time, and walker, and then pressing the “walk” button, your dog will be ready to go for a walk in no time.

When I finished inputting my dog walk details, I received a list of local dog walkers available in my region. The whole process took me less than five minutes!

The costs are not unreasonable. Around here, they cost somewhere between $15 and $25 for a stroll that lasts for half an hour. is not the only website that offers dog walking services. Many dog walking and pet sitting businesses operate on a global scale in addition to local companies in your region.


Weddings have been around for centuries, but bringing Fido to the ceremony is a novel idea. Some dog owners feel their big day isn’t complete without incorporating their four-legged child in the festivities.

“A pet plays an important role in a couple’s life, and for many pet parents, family festivities would not be complete without their pet’s involvement,” said John D’Ariano, President of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

Dog owners are coming up with inventive methods to incorporate their canine companions, such as

  • Walk Down the Aisle Together
  • Pose for Pictures
  • Put some clothes on them!
  • A specialized job is being the ring bearer or the flower girl.

High-Tech Gadgets

Everything in today’s world is becoming more high-tech, and dog supplies and toys are no different.

Among the available products are everything from pet tag trackers and GPS collars to motorized ball launchers, programmed feeds, and even a specialist-devoted dog shower!

Many pieces of equipment come with an app. Use your smartphone to monitor your pet and locate them. Some tech even allows you to feed your dog remotely.

Dog Cameras

Do you miss your dog when you have to go away?

In-home video cameras that are app-controlled and have two-way audio allow you to check in on them even while you are not at home.

Some even let you engage with your dog by playing games with a laser pointer or distributing rewards for them as you play. The high-tech industry has unquestionably lost its mind!

Hemp / CBD

Products made from hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) are now trendy, not only among people but also among dogs.

CBD can be extracted from hemp. It does not include THC, so your dog will not get high from consuming it, but it does contain cannabidiol. Many people think it to be beneficial or even curative in treating various ailments, including cancer, anxiety, pain, nausea, and skin disorders.

The more you learn about CBD and its beneficial features, the less surprising it is that CBD products designed exclusively for canines are selling like hotcakes.

Pet Meal Kits

You can now subscribe to food delivery services for your dog while booking home meal delivery for your family!

Suppose your social media feeds are anything like mine. In that case, it will be difficult for you to go very far without coming across an advertisement for a meal delivery service such as Sun Basket, Home Chef, or another similar company.

Freshly made dog meals created by a chef and delivered straight to your home with the help of delivery services such as, and

It’s certainly not the cheapest way to feed your pup, but neither are human food delivery services. However, you won’t have to cook since the freshly made meals are all portioned and ready to eat!

These are just some exciting, beneficial, and handy new trends that have emerged so far in 2022 for our four-legged family members.

Discovering new technologies or fashions to follow is a great adventure.
Stay tuned as we follow the year to discover what innovative new goods and styles emerge.

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