Ostrich Bone Dog Food & Training Treats!

Ostrich dog treats! Fresh Ostrich Bones Make Tail-Wagging Good Dog Treats!

Ostrich meat treats for your dog.

You did read that sentence correctly! Today, Simba and I are going to share with you some information on a novel treat for canines that was just introduced to the market and is produced from ostrich.

Not so long ago, I set up a Google alert that would notify me whenever there was a new variety of dog treats available for purchase. One of the first warnings I got was about an ostrich ranch in North Carolina that intended to begin manufacturing dog treats out of ostrich leg and foot bones. This was one of the first notifications I received. I made contact with Misty Morning Ranch and inquired about the possibility of them sending Simba a sample of their product to test out. To Simba’s delight, they accepted his proposal.

Misty Morning Ranch

The Olufs family uprooted their lives and relocated from Los Angeles to Robbins, North Carolina, in order to pursue their interests in farming and sustainable living. They made the decision to grow ostriches after doing extensive study and learning as much as they could about farming. They had previously invested in a ranch that was sixty acres in size.

At Hilltop Ostrich Farms in North Carolina, Gaby and Ryan met a number of other ostrich farmers who very soon became their guides. Gaby and Ryan founded Misty Morning Ranch in 2016, putting their experience and the expertise they learned from the proprietors of Hilltop Ostrich Farms to good use. Since that time, the ranch family has grown to include Ryan’s brother, as well as Gaby’s sister and brother-in-law, who all pitch in to assist with various ranch tasks.


Naturally, Misty Morning Ranch is in the business of selling ostrich meat; after all, that is their primary objective. They also provide a selection of additional items, including bones for canine customers!

In case you’re wondering, some of the other things they sell include leather goods, ostrich oils, ostrich oil body butter, and ostrich oil lip balm. All of these are derived from ostrich oil.

The Bones for Dogs

Ostrich leg and foot bones are used to make the ostrich bones that are sold for canines.

I was given some new and intriguing information on ostrich legs. Ostriches, I was informed by Misty Morning Ranch, walk on their toes when they walk. The lengthy bone that seems to be the shinbone is really part of the foot. The leg bone is the bone that sits directly above the first joint.

Ostrich Leg and Foot Bones

My lack of knowledge about ostriches caused me to be apprehensive about the possibility of producing dog treats out of ostrich bones. In general, chicken bones are very fragile and mushy, making them a poor option for a dog to consume. The information that the foot and leg bones both carry weight was sent to me by Misty Morning. Because of the weight that is placed on these bones while the bird is upright, the walls of these bones are exceedingly thick (not thin and brittle like other poultry bones).

Because of this, they are a lot better option than other bones to give to dogs to chew on.

You may learn more about whether or not you should give your dog bones by reading our piece entitled “Should I Give My Dog Bones

How Ostrich Dog Treats are Made

The manufacture of the dog bones is a rather straightforward operation. The Misty Morning Ranch filled me up on the procedure via electronic mail. When the ostrich leg bones arrive to the processor, they are first sliced into pieces and then packaged before being vacuum-sealed. These packages are stored in a deep freezer for at least a day’s worth of time. After being frozen for some time, the packets are opened, and the bones are first cooked for an hour before being steeped in soy sauce for three hours. According to what they state, this method “sterilizes and protects the bones while still maintaining the marrow.”

What They Look Like

If you go to the website for Misty Morning Ranch, you’ll see that there are ostrich bones available for purchase in four various sizes, ranging from extra-small to extra-large. This is a photo of what the bone that belonged to Simba looked like when we first got it. This one is around 4-5 inches in length.

The one that Simba received had a piece of something chewy, wonderful, and scrumptious affixed to it. My best guess is that it was some kind of soft cartilage, although it may have also been skin. Whatever it was, it wasn’t a hard bone because she devoured that piece of meat right off the bone with a smile on her face.

Opening the Package

When we first got the box, I didn’t immediately open it. Instead, I put it on a side table and didn’t touch it again until the next day. Simba would sometimes pass that table with her nose in the air, certain that she smelled something delicious up there but unable to determine exactly where it was hidden.

I could see that it had finally gotten to her since she was just standing there at the table sniffing back and forth, so I made the decision to hand over the present to her and let her have a look inside.


What does Simba think?

What exactly does she believe? Simba is crazy about that bone!

Within a few of hours, she had removed almost all of the chewy, tasty chunk as well as the baked-on soy sauce coating. Since that very first night, I’ve allowed her to have the bone whenever I’ve been able to be there and keep a watch on her, and she still makes an effort to extract the marrow from the bone’s interior. Because the leg bones of an ostrich are rather thin, it is difficult for Simba to get her large tongue all the way in there to extract the marrow. However, it certainly provides food for thought for her cerebral cortex.

She has been chewing on the bone for almost one week at this point, and she still brings it with her wherever we go inside the house with her. During the time when I am cleaning my teeth and getting ready for bed, she often follows me into the bathroom carrying it with her. It seems to be the same thing every evening!

The ostrich bone dog treats get Simba’s enthusiastic approval, without a doubt.

Where to Buy Them

You can place an order for one of these scrumptious ostrich dog treats on the Misty Morning Ranch website (which can be found HERE) or by sending them an email at MistyMorningRanchNC@Gmail.com if you are interested in getting one for your canine companion. If you do so, they will be shipped directly to you. Be careful to choose a bone that is of an adequate size for your canine companion.

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