Full Moon Chicken Strips Review – Chicken Jerky Dog Treat Made With Real Chicken

My new puppy will be working as a service dog. She has undergone extensive training to become proficient in a wide variety of particular jobs in order to assist me with my day-to-day operations. Every day, we put in a small bit of effort to train her, which allows us to maintain her abilities in top shape. Golden retrievers are very food-motivated, so rewarding your dog with a tasty morsel of food whenever she demonstrates positive behavior is an excellent way to encourage her.

Full Moon chicken strips are among the most best treats for my canine companion. The sole ingredient in these chicken jerky snacks for your dog is chicken. There is nothing else. They come in the form of a jerky strip, but it is quite simple to break them up into tiny pieces so that they may be used as incentive treats.

Human Grade Ingredients

On the packaging for Full Moon chicken strips, it states that they are manufactured using only materials that are safe for human consumption.

The Food and Drug Administration in the United States does not enforce the human grade standard (FDA). The term “human grade” is more of a claim or statement, but for Full Moon, that remark has a great deal of significance. They go above and beyond this just being a claim, and it really does seem to be a norm, a way of life that they practice on a regular basis for themselves. According to the website for Full Moon, only “certified human edible components” are used in their products.

“Human Grade” denotes that each and every component that goes into the production of our goodies is safe for consumption by humans like you and me. Although as a result of this, the cost of our ingredients may increase, we can rest certain that we are providing our dogs with meals of the greatest possible quality. All of our sweets are manufactured to exacting specifications in facilities designed specifically for the preparation of foods for human consumption. – Full Moon Pet Webpage

Despite the fact that they make use of components that are safe for human consumption, the * in the preceding sentence refers to the fact that the snacks are intended for animals and not for human consumption. I can assume that there are certain changes in the way they are processed and manufactured, as well as in their flavor and texture, which would make them something that we simply shouldn’t eat and wouldn’t want to consume.

Made in the USA

Full Moon Pet has its headquarters in Salisbury, Maryland; yet, the company’s website does not state that any of its treats are produced in the state; rather, it states that all of the company’s treats are prepared in kitchens situated inside the United States. I have a deep appreciation for all things that are created in the United States; it makes me happy to buy them and contribute to the economic growth of our country.

These chicken jerky dog treats are not only created in the United States but also made with meats that are authorized for consumption by the USDA. The USDA conducts inspections and grants approvals for the usage of animals in order to guarantee the animals’ good health and high standard of production. On family farms, the hens are never confined in cages and are only given food that does not contain any steroids or hormones.

100% Grain Free

Grain-Free Dog Meals and Treats Have Grown Extremely Popular Over the Past Few Years Grain-free dog foods and treats have become very popular over the past few years. Despite the fact that dogs are able to break down grains, their predecessors and they themselves are still largely carnivorous (meat-eaters). Some people believe that the addition of grains to dishes and snacks is nothing more than a superfluous filler. There are certain animals who are genuinely allergic to grains or have sensitivity to grains, therefore the Full Moon Chicken Strips would be an excellent treat option for such animals.

Nothing Artificial And No Fillers

Who needs grains and fillers anyhow, when you can have an ingredient list as sweet and straightforward as this one:

  • Chicken
  • evaporated cane syrup
  • vinegar
  • rosemary extract

That sums it up well. There is no other component included. There are no added colors or flavors, corn, wheat, or soy in this product. Just some nice, unadulterated nourishment for your pet dog.

Nutrients And Size

These chicken strips from Full Moon have the appearance of a piece of chicken jerky (I guess because they are). You may get a sense of the size of the pieces by looking at the photo below, which shows a few of the pieces next to a ruler. According to the feeding recommendations, a larger dog might have four or five chicken strips on a daily basis, while a smaller dog weighing five to ten pounds could have one-half to one and a half strips.

There are 46 calories in one of these chicken jerky snacks for your canine companion. When giving your dog a large quantity of any kind of treat, you should always use extreme caution. This is true regardless of the feeding instructions printed on the item. The accumulation of calories may lead to obesity in a dog very quickly. The protein content of each strip is guaranteed to be at least 45%, while the fat content is just 15%.

Tested And Approved

These chicken strips serve as an incentive for my dog during his training sessions. The fact that they may be readily split into smaller pieces utilizing the subtle serrations on the strips is one of the many benefits associated with them. My dog is overjoyed to get a teeny-tiny piece of a treat as a reward for her good behavior, which is accomplished by cutting each strip into numerous smaller pieces. I keep a small dish of snacks on the coffee table at all times so that they are simple to get to. Even though the strips have a tendency to get hard and crunchy when left out, my dog doesn’t seem to mind in the least. In all candor, I nearly had the impression that she prefers them in a crunchier form.

Leave a comment telling us what you believe your dog thinks of these goodies, and we’ll post it below.

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