7+ Best Long Lasting Chew Treats For Dogs (2022 Natural & Healthy!)

My most recent article was about fantastic durable chew toys that your dog will be able to play with and chew on for a very long time. I hope you found it helpful! After publishing that piece, I reasoned that it would be only just to write another one about some great edible chews that last a long time for dogs. These dog chew treats are meant to be consumed (woohoo! I usually get enthusiastic about eating), so you may feel free to munch on them. You shouldn’t be concerned that your dog will consume anything that they shouldn’t.

There are a plethora of dog chew treats available on the market nowadays. Finding treats for your dog that are not only nutritious but also last a long time as chews may be a very challenging endeavor. If you do some study on some of the most well-known chews, you will discover that many of them are not very good for your health. For example, rawhide goes through a procedure that often involves the use of chemicals before it is packed and marketed. After that, those chemicals are left in the goodies, which eventually end up being consumed by your dog. Not good.

I have compiled a list of long-lasting dog chew treats that are all natural, nutritious, and wholesome and that are guaranteed to make your dog’s tail wag with joy.

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are a kind of beef product that are created from bull pizzles and include only natural ingredients. In case you were wondering, the answer to your question is that bull pizzle refers to bull penis. I’m going to come right out and say it. Yep. It would seem strange that a treat for dogs could be manufactured from that portion of the bull, but canines really like chewing on them. It is also wonderful that portions of the bull that would normally be thrown away are being put to good use and are not being wasted.

Because bully sticks are available in a wide variety of lengths and thicknesses, it is simple to choose one that is a right size for your dog. The thinner bully sticks are better suited for a dog that is on the smaller side, while the thicker bully sticks are fantastic for dogs who are on the bigger side and will be the dog chew that lasts the longest.

Braided Bully Sticks

This one is still made of bully sticks, but it’s like a huge version of the chew treat they make.

A single bully stick presents certain canines with the opportunity for a speedy reward. Getting braided bully sticks is a fantastic method to provide them with this amazing treat while also ensuring that it will last for a longer period of time. When three bully sticks are combined and braided together, the resulting dog chew is far more substantial and may be enjoyed for a significantly longer period of time.

The sizes of these braided bully sticks range from those suitable for tiny dogs to those suitable for big canines.


Members of the deer family are the only animals that naturally develop a bony protrusion of their head known as antlers. Antlers are grown by males primarily as a means of demonstrating their “masculinity” and increasing the likelihood of their obtaining a mate. Antlers fall off a deer’s head once a year as part of its natural life cycle. These scaly antlers, which are shed by members of the deer family (such as deer and elk), have the potential to be great and durable dog chews.

Antlers are notorious for their extreme toughness and are often considered to be among the chews for dogs that last the longest. Antlers are a healthy treat for your dog since they contain a lot of calcium and phosphorus in concentrated amounts. They are also quite rich in protein, which is also beneficial for your dog. However, if your dog chews on them too much, they may have some diarrhea as a side effect. One of its many wonderful qualities is that they have almost no smell.

Buy deer antlers that have been shaved down to remove the pointed tips, since it is possible for dogs to inflict serious injury on themselves by chewing on these tips. Additionally, make sure the antlers have not been chemically treated in any way. Choose a piece of antler that is too big for your dog to totally fit in their mouth or that might perhaps slide down their throat. It is essential to get an antler from a trustworthy firm that is domestically sourced in the United States. As deer antlers gain in popularity, some retailers have begun stocking lower-quality alternatives, which are more likely to splinter and present a hazard to pets that gnaw on them.


Many animals, including buffalo, goats, and antelope, have horns on their heads. Horns are distinct from antlers in that they consist of a central bone structure that is encased in a keratin sheath on all sides (keratin is the same stuff that your fingernails and hair are made of). Some of them are sold with the bone core remaining intact, while others are sold after having the core removed, leaving them empty.

Horns are also quite tough, which means that they will serve your dog well for a very long time! A few of occasions, I’ve gone out and bought buffalo horns for my dog to chew on. She has a deep affection for them, and it takes an extremely protracted amount of time to do any harm to that horn. After she had used it for a considerable amount of time, I did see that she was beginning to receive splinters from the cut edge of the item.

If you want to prevent your dog from breaking through the horn wall, you should obtain one with a thicker wall, which is something you can buy. In addition to this, you should get a horn that does not have a point on the end of it. Horns are often curled because of their inherent nature. It’s always a concern of mine that the pointed end, whether it’s straight or curved, would come back around and stab a dog in the eye or maybe puncture the roof of their mouth.

Himalayan Yak Chew

An old recipe for a hard cheese treat that people in the Himalayas used to gnaw on served as the inspiration for the creation of Himalayan dog chews. The Himalayan dog chews are grain-free and gluten-free, and they are manufactured with yak and cow milk. They are also completely natural, include no preservatives or chemicals, and are created in the Himalayas.

The Himalayan dog chews may really be consumed by humans. The portion of the hard cheese stick that is chewed on by dogs causes that portion of the stick to become softer. When a section of the cheese stick has become pliable enough, it will break off into smaller pieces, and the dog will be able to consume each individual fragment.

Remove the remaining piece of the stick after the dog has chewed it down to a nub to prevent the animal from suffocating on it while it is so little. However, the best part is that you can finish off the snack by nuking the remaining piece in the microwave for approximately 30 to 45 seconds, until it puffs up, then allowing it to cool so that they may enjoy a tasty, fluffy, and crispy treat.


These chews are available in a variety of sizes; thus, it is important that you pick the one that is most suitable for the size of your dog. Make absolutely certain that they won’t be able to put the chew entirely in their mouth or swallow it.


Hooves from cows provide an excellent treat to chew on. Keratin, like the other treats on our list, is the primary component of these very tough chews for your dog. Keratin is not as tough as bone, which means that it is quite unlikely that it will endure as long as antler. Don’t get me wrong though—hooves are still a very durable chew treat for dogs and will keep your pet busy for a considerable amount of time.

The inside of hoof is hollowed out, which makes it simple to stuff a little of peanut butter or another soft delicacy within. This is another one of the cool things about hooves. Cow hooves have a pungent odor and may be highly irritating to the nasal passages. This is one of the drawbacks of using cow hooves. It’s possible that they don’t smell all that horrible at the shop, but after they are slobbered on and chewed on, their true odor will emerge. If you’re going to chew them outdoors, in my opinion that’s the best use for them.

Pig and Cow Ears

Ears of pigs are, well, exactly what they sound like: ears of pigs. Chew snacks like this often send dogs absolutely bananas. Pig’s ears are made of a thick layer of pig skin, and what kind of canine doesn’t like eating pork? Cow ears are another mouthwatering and delicious delicacy. These dog chew treats are significantly softer than some of the other alternatives mentioned here, so it’s probable that moderate chewers are the best candidates for eating them.

Pig’s ears are also rather heavy in fat, so you shouldn’t feed your pet an excessive amount of them or provide them too often.

Pig ears are subjected to excessive processing by certain businesses, which may also include the addition of chemicals, additives, or preservatives. Be sure to buy pig’s ears from a respected company in the United States, and inquire about the processing method they use, so that you can be confident you are providing your dog with a nutritious treat that does not include any chemicals. A wonderful assortment of pig ears and cow ears are available to purchase at Best Bully Treats.


Be careful to keep an eye on your dog as they work their way through any of these long-lasting dog chews. I know I tell this in each and every article about chewing, but it bears repeating. Even though they are all, by definition, very hard material, this does not imply that any of them cannot break, splinter, or reduce in size to the point that your dog may attempt to ingest it.

It’s important to keep an eye out for splinters since they may easily get lodged in your dog’s mouth or anyplace else in their digestive system. Splinters and punctures may be very harmful and lead to significant medical complications if they are not treated immediately.

Your dog may attempt to ingest the remaining portion of these chews if they become tiny enough for them to fit in their mouth after they have been chewed down. These pieces are often too large to be ingested and provide a risk of choking as well as a blockage risk in the digestive tract.

Because of the firmness of these treats, there is a possibility that some of the dog’s teeth might be damaged. This risk is particularly high for dogs who chew very forcefully. When teeth are broken, they often need to be extracted, which may be a significant medical problem as well as an expensive one.

Chew with Care

It is in your best interest to keep an eye on your pet when they are enjoying any of these treats, even though they are all fantastic long-lasting chews for dogs. It’s the same reason you wouldn’t give a child an unattended lollypop to a young child. You would want to make sure that the kid is safe and doesn’t put themselves in danger by attempting to eat that mouthwatering piece of candy. In a similar vein, you need to keep a close check on your dog while they are enjoying their delectable chew treat so that you can make sure they remain out of harm’s way.

Chew in moderation and safety, my good pals.

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