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Nina Ottosson Dog Toys | Teach Your Dog New Tricks with these Interactive Dog Toys

Simba has requested that I write many reviews on different kinds of goodies, but I’m trying to get her to focus on something else for this one.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s loads of fun to play with dog goodies! It is enjoyable to show your affection for your dog by giving them a gift or two as a unique “I love you.” Using them as training treats is entertaining, and seeing how quickly your dog learns new cues and instructions.

I love placing something tasty inside a treat-dispensing toy like a Kong and watching how much your dog enjoys pulling the goodies out of the toy.

But I started thinking about treats and was curious about what other things you might make with them. A means by which you and your dog may take pleasure in the act of providing treats while simultaneously elevating the experience to a higher level. Then I recalled seeing cool-looking interactive dog toys that included some strategy.

These toys provide a chance for you to offer your dog those special goodies; enjoy seeing them obtain the rewards; and simultaneously feed your dog with something for their mind to ponder about truly.

There are a few well-known brands of these toys, but I’d like to concentrate this piece on the range of activity dog toys that Nina Ottosson manufactures. Let’s look at a few of them, shall we?

About Nina Ottosson

From her home in Sweden, Nina Ottosson creates puzzle and exercise toys for canine companions. After the birth of her two children, she found that she could not provide her dogs with the mental and physical stimulation and exercise they needed. 

In 1990, she started producing these dog toys for the first time. Nina believes that “the dog has four legs and one head, and all five require an action of some kind β€” both physically and mentally.”

Creating these interactive toys was a method for her to provide her dogs with cerebral stimulation while also contributing to strengthening her relationships with her canines. Nina is always thinking of innovative ways to keep her dogs active, and she often tests her creations on her pets first. If all goes according to plan, she will next proceed to test them out on several other canines.

Nina is solely responsible for the conception and production of all activity dog toys bearing the Nina Ottosson brand.

Why Get Activity Dog Toys?

Just like us, dogs experience the same feelings of boredom that humans do when dogs have nothing to do. Unfortunately, when dogs are allowed to get bored, it typically means that they will start showing certain undesirable behaviors.

Toys that require varying degrees of mental and physical skill, such as strategy dog toys or activity dog toys, as Nina refers to them, are great for exercising your dog’s intellect in addition to their body. They may help keep your dog from being bored, which can lead to negative behavior, and they can also help improve your link with your dog. Your dog’s mind will be exercised by playing with toys of this kind.

What Are They?

Dog activity toys are puzzles that your dog has to solve to get the goodies hidden within. They may be as easy as raising a cover to expose a treat hidden inside, or they can be as tricky as requiring the pet to make the toy make three distinct motions, each in a specific sequence, for the rewards to drop out of the toy.

Nina designs her interactive toys to accommodate varying skill levels. It does not make a difference if you have a Forest Gump or an Albert Einstein since there are many degrees of toys for different talents, hobbies, and intellect levels.

The Nina Ottosson exercise dog toys are divided into three categories, each representing a different level of difficulty: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

If your dog is not used to playing with puzzles and strategy toys, it is probably best to start them out with the toy that is the simplest for them to figure out, which is level 1, and then gradually move them up to the toys that are more challenging and strategic.

  • Level 1: Great for introducing your dog to training games. Get your dog interested in games and prepare them for more challenging and exciting puzzles.
  • Level 2: for those who have mastered the level I activity toys and are ready for a little more challenge. This level offers dogs more exciting ways to problem solve.
  • Level 3: More challenging playtime. Some require more strategic thinking and dexterity.

Where to Get Them

When first made accessibly, the toys were solely sold in Scandinavia; however, they are currently being marketed and sold in various nations all over the globe. Nina Ottosson’s website,, features every one of the designer’s playthings, but, given that she is based in Europe, the shipping cost might be very high.

It would seem that Nina has made arrangements with to act as her distributor in the United States. It would seem that you can locate all of her toys on their website.

Amazon is the first place I go for things, and I’ve found that they sell her toys there. You can get the identical Dog Twister toy for $18.99 and receive free delivery with Amazon Prime. There are some quite substantial distinctions between her website and

Here is a link to the Amazon page where you can purchase the Dog Twister toy, as well as some of her other strategic dog toys.

Materials and Care

According to Nina, they only utilize the highest quality materials, which are recyclable. China is responsible for producing the vast majority of the plastic components of its toys, while Sweden is responsible for producing wooden toys.

The upkeep of these toys is not very complicated. The instructions included with the toys that I was looking at said that after removing any leftover treats or food, one should wash one’s hands with soap and warm water. After that, the item can be rinsed and then dried. It would be great if these toys could be cleaned in the dishwasher, though I couldn’t locate any information on the packaging to suggest this.


Even though Simba is a bright girl, I haven’t yet played a game with her that involves one of these strategic dog toys. I’m going to test out one of these options. I’m considering bypassing level 1 just because she is so brilliant.

The Dog Tornado seems like a fun level 2 toy, so I’ll give it a go. I’ll update the site with videos showing her using her new interactive dog toy shortly.

Let us know how it goes and what your dog thinks about the toy if you decide to acquire one for your canine companion. We would be highly interested in hearing your thoughts and perhaps seeing any videos if you could share them with us.

Happy gaming!

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