American Journey Dog Treats Reviews (Oven Baked Wholesome Crunchy Bits)

When I was reviewing my Chewy auto-ship order the week before last, I couldn’t help but get captivated by the many treats and toys that were available on the website for all of the four-legged members of my family. I was also looking for some new dog treats to write about for you, so keep an eye out for them. When I saw that American Journey Oven-Baked dog treats were on sale for buy one get one free, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Who’s up for getting baked with me and taking a closer look at these snacks for dogs that are cooked in the oven? I was just wanting to work in some kind of line about “being baked,” but now that I see it in writing, it’s simply not as hilarious as it was in my brain. I was just dying to work in some sort of line about “getting baked.” I’m going to leave it as is, and while I’m sitting here feeling somewhat amused, we can go on to the next topic and find out more information about American Journey and the oven-baked dog treats they sell.

Oven-Baked Goodness

These incredibly crispy oven-baked biscuit snacks are available in four different flavors: chicken, lamb, peanut butter, and salmon. When it comes to the meat tastes, the first component is always the protein. For example, lamb is always listed as the first ingredient in the lamb snacks. Prior to the addition of the peanut butter, the peanut butter cookies include peas and chickpeas.

These sweets are proud to say that they include:

  • No grain (no corn, wheat, or soy)
  • There are no by-products.
  • No artificial preservatives

In addition, since they are grain-free, you may eat them without worrying about getting gluten poisoning.

These sweets are cooked in the oven and have a highly crispy texture. Each one is roughly the size of a quarter. To give you an idea of how big they are, I’ve included a picture of a handful of them next to a quarter.

Ingredients, Ingredients!

The primary source of protein is listed first among the ingredients in these products that have a meat taste. The remaining components are all natural foods that are high in nutritional value. For instance, the following ingredients may be found in the salmon recipe treats that I purchased:

  • salmon
  • peas
  • sweet potatoes
  • chickpeas
  • cane molasses
  • chicken fat preserved with mixed tocopherols
  • blueberries
  • pumpkin
  • apples
  • carrots
  • rosemary extract

The only difference between the chicken treats and the lamb treats is that the first ingredient in each kind is either chicken or lamb, respectively. The other components are listed in a slightly different sequence.

The peanut butter candies are a little bit unusual in that the chickpeas and peas are included earlier in the ingredient list than the peanut butter. Cane sugar, chicken fat, and rosemary extract are some of the other components that go into making the peanut butter sweets.


The number of calories that are included in one of these goodies for your dog that are cooked in the oven ranges anywhere from 12 to 14, and this number is dependent on the taste. If you have a little or medium-sized dog, the implications of this may be rather severe. The instructions on the packaging suggest giving your dog anything from one to five treats each day, although obviously this number may change depending on the size of your dog.

Depending on the recipe for the flavor:

  • crude protein ranges from 15-18% min
  • crude fat ranges from 9-11 % min
  • crude fiber is 6% max
  • moisture is 12% max

What They are Lacking?

Unfortunately, indicates that they cannot guarantee that the proteins used in these treats are free of antibiotics and hormones, nor can they guarantee that the vegetables are non-GMO. While it is great that these treats do not contain any by-products or artificial preservatives, it is unfortunate that cannot make these claims.

Throughout much of American history, with the exception of a few select sweets, there have been concerns over the safety of food imported from countries other than the United States, most notably China. Although these candies are manufactured in the United States, a number of its components come from countries other than the United States; however, the manufacturer does not specify which countries those components come from.

American Journey and

When I first began exploring, I couldn’t find any American Journey websites that were available online. After doing some investigation, I discovered that has the rights to sell the American Journey brand of dog food. According to the website, Michael Day, who was one of the initial founders of, now serves as the CEO of the company American Journey, LLC.

American Journey

Even after PetSmart acquired a year ago, the only place you can now buy American Journey is on This is the case despite the fact that PetSmart also owns

When searching the internet for information on American Journey, you won’t discover much beyond what other customers have said about the product in their reviews or what Chewy has to say about it on their website in response to customer inquiries about it.

The two packets of goodies that I bought each had a label that reads “Manufactured for American Journey, LLC” and then lists an address in Dania Beach, Florida as the location of the business that did the manufacturing. On the other hand, if you go through some of the comments that has posted on its website, you will see that they state the treats are prepared in the state of Missouri.

Many individuals are troubled by the fact that the real firm or manufacturer is not named for the American Journey snacks or treats, and they have inquired about this topic in an effort to get more information. The reaction from Chewy is:

Many individuals are put off by the fact that they do not have access to this information, while for others, this is not a very pressing issue. You and your pet will benefit from your careful consideration and independent choice on this matter, which is why you will need to give it some thought.

Pros and Cons

These treats have a lot of benefits, such as a high protein content; natural, wholesome foods; no added by-products or artificial preservatives; no grains, so they are gluten-free; they are manufactured in the United States of America; meats are sourced from USDA inspected facilities and meet USDA, FDA, and AAFO guidelines for use in food; they are a product exclusive to a reputable company; and they are a product that can only be purchased from that company.

Regrettably, they also have some drawbacks, such as their inability to guarantee that the meats are free of antibiotics and hormones and that the vegetables are non-GMO; the fact that some of the ingredients are sourced from unknown locations outside of the United States; and Chewy’s refusal to disclose who is responsible for making these treats. In addition, considering that they are quite high in calories for a treat (depending on the size of your dog, of course), you need to keep a closer check on the quantity that you give your dog in order to prevent them from becoming overweight.

These snacks are not only highly crunchy, but they also have a more substantial feel to them. It was quite challenging for us to split them up into more manageable parts. It’s possible that someone with somewhat greater physical strength won’t have as much problem, but I still believe it’s something that you should be aware of just in case. There are those of us who are obligated to provide the whole goodie, without the choice of dividing it up into more manageable portions.


Simba’s eagerness to consume them demonstrates that these sweets do not skimp on the taste department in any way, shape, or form.

Due to the fact that they are just treated and Simba only consumes one or two of them every day, the disadvantages do not cause me a great deal of anxiety. Despite the fact that those drawbacks make me believe there are a lot of treats that have a higher rating overall, I must admit that despite this, they are still a lot, lot better than a lot of the treats that are available.

I hope everyone enjoys their snacks!

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